September 25th, 2014

This is “Shamu”, Motorola’s upcoming Nexus 6/X
F/B: 9to5Google

Apple: Bending in iPhone 6 Plus From Normal Use ‘Extremely Rare’, Only 9 Customers Have Complained
B: MacRumors

Bash bug affects OS X, Linux: “worse than Heartbleed”
B: SlashGear

Surprise: females play video games too
F: Fortune
B: SlashGear

Insteon integrates with Microsoft Cortana for voice control in the home
F: Insteon
B: GigaOM

New Mac Mini Finally Coming in October Alongside New iPads?
F/B: MacRumors

Apple knew of iCloud security hole 6 months before Celebgate
F/B: The Daily Dot

Apple and Chrome Boost U.S. Retail PC Back-to-School Sales

Steam Music Player launches with free Half-Life and Portal video game soundtracks
F: Steam
B: SlashGear

September 23rd, 2014

Blizzard Delays Unannounced MMO, cancels StarCraft: Ghosts
F/B: VentureBeat

Polaroid Cube Review
F: Gizmodo B: SlashGear

When Motorola started to focus on YOU, not carriers
F/B: SlashGear

Apple Pay, Bitcoin coming to Square Register
F: Wired
B: SlashGear

Amazon delivered 200 Xbox One units within day of launch in India
F/B: Business Standard

Facebook and OkCupid’s Experiments Were Illegal
F/B: Laboratorium

Visit 1989 and play on an original GameBoy, in the Pixel Rift demo
F: Pixel Rift
B: The Rift Arcade

Aireon To Offer Global Aircraft Tracking as ‘Public Service’
F: AirEon
B: AINonline

Vizio’s 4K TVs are on sale now
F: Vizio

Bent iPhone 6? You brought this on yourself
F: MacRumors
B: SlashGear

iPhone camera evolution: How does the iPhone 6 camera compare to previous iPhone cameras?
F/B: SnapSnapSnap

Facebook Privacy Checkup is now Rolling Out

F: Privacy Checkup is now Rolling Out by Facebook

B: As promised, Facebook’s Privacy Checkup has Arrived by ReCode

Why Dyson’s robot vacuum took 16 years, and why it’s headed to Japan first

F/B: Why Dyson’s robot vacuum took 16 years, and why it’s headed to Japan first by Engadget

YouTube Fan Funding

F: About Fan Funding by Google

B: YouTube Fan Funding: Google Fires Back at Amazon Twitch Buy by SlashGear

Apple Has Considered $400 Price for Wearable Device

F: Apple Has Considered $400 Price for Wearable Device by ReCode

B: Would you pay $400 for an Apple Wearable? by SlashGear